As we are nearing 2020, it will be the tourism year for Nepal. There are many places to visit. Land,river,forest, mountain old people say that Nepal was formed for the gods so they can have a peace of mind. Lumbini the birthplace of lord Buddha which the proof of the older people saying.

Kathmandu is famous for the religious people. our custom and our life style is very slow and less rush when we talk about life pace. a lot of people all around the work come to Nepal for meditation, spiritual heeling and yoga also. short and long day trekking trails are also famous in Nepal where people can enjoy the natural beauty of Nepal. i have heard a lot of our clients saying that when you go on trekking and when they say snow covered mountains, the mountains try to talk to them well it sounds funny but we will only realize that when we go on trek leaving the pressure and those tension what we are going though our life. we always say that there is never free time but there is always manage time and Nepal trip is a life time experience.

managing director and owner

Manoj Thakur