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Bird Watching Tours

Duration : 10 days Accommodation : Standard | Deluxe hotel | Lodges
Season : Sept – June Transport : Private Vehicles


About Bird Watching Tours

Bird watching trips are the right option for you if you are keen in birds, wildlife and photography. Nepal’s thick woods are a exhibit that offers local as well as migrating birds with dynamic environment. Here, the national parks and wildlife reservations are host to outstanding unusual and fascinating bird species. Imagine watching the birds chirp in a lush woods! The birds ‘ melodic chirp would let the noise inside you go away.

Nepal’s dense forests present an opportunity to see a range of birds in their own undisturbed habitat. The beautiful grasslands, open areas and unspoiled natural habitats are an optimal place to breed and migrate birds. Bird Watching Tour brings you to three major bird viewing sites including Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and Pulchowk. Bird Watching Tour brings you to three major bird viewing sites including Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and Pulchowk. The bird watchers consider Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve, which has registered 280 bird species so far, as a paradise, and Pulchowk is Kathmandu’s closest bird watching place.

Meet the lovely birds like sunbirds, flower peckers, pertussis, storks, fulvettas, yuhinas, flycatchers, minivets, woodpeckers, warblers and laughing-thrushes as you wander around. It would be a beautiful sight to catch to see migratory birds such as Siberian Rubythroat, Peregrine Falcon, Ospreys, Red-flanked Bluetail, Ibisill, Wallcreeper, Swamp Francolin, Honey Kites, Black Ibis, Black Headed Orioles, Cutia and Tickell’s Red-breasted Blue Flycatcher. If fortunate, some endangered species such as Impeyan Pheasant, Bengal Florican, Sarus Crane and Spiny Babler can also be spotted.

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You will be moved for check-in to your hotel. You can enjoy a little sightseeing if you don’t feel obliged to rest. Overnight at hotel.

Day 02 - Early in the morning, we begin our journey to Chitwan by a minibus.

We exit the valley of Kathmandu and travel along the Trishuli River highway. For Ibisbills and other species of riverside and montane birds, Trishuli River can be a good site. Redstart, Brown dipper and ceiling creepers are the birds probable to be observed in those fields. We’re going to be at Chitwan by mid-afternoon. You’re going to be checked in to a jungle lodge. Chitwan National Park is a riverine jungle that extends over an region of 932 km2. This reserve is host to a wonderful selection of wildlife and birds, providing a beautiful environment. Over 500 bird species have been documented here. At least one half of the total you can hope to see.

Day 03 - We will spend full two days in Chitwan National Park.

We can explore the wildlife around this riverine forest. With the close-up views of different animals, insects and others, we will be thrilled. We can spend the day exploring the river and observing birds on foot in the forest. It’d be an amazing adventure.

Day 04 - Today, early in the morning, we start a journey on the east west highway to the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.

It’s a intriguing trip through different villages in Nepal’s lowlands. It is a chance to gain views into Nepali’s distinctive culture and style of life. We’ll be at Koshi Camp by the late afternoon. We’re going to put up a camp near Koshi River where we’re going to stay three nights. The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is located in the Sapta Koshi River plains at the east edge of Nepal. It includes an region of 175 square kilometers north of the Koshi River kilometer-long barrage. Located in a beautiful place, this park provides an exceptional wildlife habitat and is one of Asia’s best bird viewing locations. Nearly the entire long list of wildfowl, waders, storks, ibises, egrets, terns and gulls from Nepal occurs here, alongside a wonderful range of land birds, particularly warblers and prey birds.

Over 100 species can be seen in this beautiful region every day. Local specialties such as Swamp Francolin, Red-necked Falcon and Striated Marsh Warbler can be expected. You can also watch out for Siberian Rubythroat, Dusky, Smoky, Blyth’s Reed, Paddyfield and Thick-billed Warblers, Richard’s Pipit, Painted Snipe, Great Stone Plover, Pied and Pallid Harriers, Black Bittern, Falcated Duck and Baer’s Pochard.

Day 05 - Today we drive to Biratnagar and take a flight back to Kathmandu. Overnight at the hotel

We ride to Biratnagar today and take return flight to Kathmandu for today.

Day 06 - Today we head towards the forested slopes of Phulchowki at 2740 meters, an excellent spot for bird watching.

Various laughing thrushes, babblers, bulbuls, floral peckers, flycatchers, sunbirds, tits and warblers can be seen. As we ascend, we can even get some nice views of the excellent Himalayan snow-clad, including the Annapurna range, Langtang and many other elevated mountains (as long as the weather is clear!). We can spend the remaining  day wandering down the mountain with a picnic lunch en route through its fine temperate and subtropical forest.

Some of the many features are Red-flanked Bluetail, Fire-tailed Sunbird, White-collared and Grey-winged, Blackbirds, Long-tailed Minivet, White-tailed Nuthatch, Orange-barred Leaf Warbler and many more. Cutia, Kalij Pheasant, Red-billed Leiothrix and Black-faced Leaf Warbler are some of the more elusive species.

Normally, mammals are more elusive. Visiting the Phulchowki forest may prize us with views of some of the diurnal species that are more prevalent. We return to Kathmandu at night. Overnight at hotel.

Day 07 - Farewell

You will be transported to the airport three hours before your scheduled flight by one of

The officials from our company, from where you will leave with lovely travel experiences.

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